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(26th July 2014 Yokohama Arena) short translations MC and fan-reports - mostly Junno related XD

At the start of MC when they were telling stories fans keep going kyaaa so Junno said “You guys’ screaming kyaaaaa while listening to my stories is so cute!”

Junno cut his hair between 13:00PM and 17:00PM performance?!!? wae Junno! wae!! (jap. fan tweets say its closed cropped in the back but it was close cropped before too and has a two parting in the front? not sure about this tho  need papapics to see it >.<)

Junno randomly doing backflip before shower then took shower he mistakn d conditioner as shampoo. Wash his hair 3times coz he thot y no bubble lol

Kame: Long time ago, during live tour Taguchi went to shower and went he came out he said “Uwaaah~ feels so good! Kame you can enter now~! But normally isn’t it beside conditioner there will be body soap and another is shampoo?….
(Then continue with the Junno using conditioner as shampoo story )

Freshly cut hair Junno said
Junno: Karinosuke desu! (from “KARI”age which means Scissor)
After he said that everyone laugh so hard then after a pause Kame said
Kame: Oi! *laughs* That is too *laughs* fast no matter *laughs* what it is!( lol you don’t know Karinosuke “Speedy Gonzalles Taguchi! ^^)

While Kame and Nakamaru went to change costume, Ueda and Junno were talking but they were talking with a very low tension.
Ueda: *in a low tension* It’s my turn to follow.
Junno: *dismissively* It’s okay if you don’t.
Ueda: Are you depressed?
Junno: Uso uso kawauso!! (⌒∀⌒) (with a very shining bright smile)

Very happy to see a tweet saying tomorrow will be first time she saw Junno in live after became his fan last year during legal high <3

prevRT by the time they’re entering venue at 14:30 no goods are sold out thanks to the system limit 5 perperson but Junno’s poster is giri2

prevRT There’s only a little amount of Junno’s poster left… it’s almost sold out?

Why was Junno doing jumping over the fence near the truck?

Junno is so ikemen she doesn’t think he’s a human being www XD

lol Junno made mistake in his solo intro. His hat fell off and Kame went to pick it up for him XD (13 PM concert)

【KAT-TUN 07/26 17:00】 MC
When Junno look at the history of Yokoari, he said KAT-TUN’s last live was in 2005. But from the audience someone said “2006!” When Ueda heard that he said “Where did you get that information? Don’t lie!” Then someone answered back from the audience but they couldn’t hear it clearly so Junno said “Well2 don’t mind. It’s my fault. Sorry~ Sorry~”

Favourite type of massage
Junno: Unknown (peeps please listen to the man too when he says something!! >.<)
KAT-TUN totally lost it at the end of the evening session MC
Everyone keep singing “Tsukutsuku tsun tsun tsun tsun tsuntsun♪♪”
Kame: tsun tsuku tsu tsun tsun♪
Junno: tsuku tsuku tsun tsun tsun♪
Ueda: tsun tsuku tsun tsun tsun ♪
Nakamaru: tsuku tsuku tsun tsun tsun ♪
And the MC ends with the curtain close over their fading voice
(if you want to imagine how it looks like there’s a fan who sketch it
https://twitter.com/sasame_uki/status/492999462915035136/photo/1 )

Junno threw his towel to the audience today a kid in 4th row got it and she smell it XD

When Nakamaru and Junno passed by at the parent child seat the audience said “Touch me! Touch me!” Junno laughs while touching and Nakamaru came out with the fictional “Yoshiko” again XD

During MC when Nakamaru urge for Kame to do MC Kame he said to the audience “When did he do it?” the hyphen replied. “Its about now right” there’s this amazing homely feeling with that conversation. Observing that Junno said “What’s with this sudden unity” but he laughs coz he likes it.

Junno can jump very high with only his left hand on the floor pushing him up!

Ueda: I’m originally from Yokohama.
Junno: Eh~ as you know Yokohama is my 3 previous hometown.

Junno and Ueda has been living all over Japan since they were born LOL

This fan description of KAT-TUN after seeing them up close
Junno: Refreshing, has sweats that looks like jewel.(luky her to be this close so she can she his swearts[juwels xD])

When Junno came down to the parent child section he shakes hand with all the little children before he went back on stage <3

During HnS solo dance Junno open his button, seeing that Nakamaru open his button as well so thanks to Junno, fans able to see his tummy XD (thanks Junno! but the only tummy i wanna se is yours *sorrymaru* xD)

Junno shot someone right in the face! (not on pupose and it was only w. a water gun^^ if Junno aims then he shoots straight to our hearts XD)

(c trans) marynasuke, credit pic ponomam


tagumaru yeah! <3

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